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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

What are the Latest SEO Trends in 2017?

What are the Latest SEO Trends in 2017?


Google has consistently updates its algorithms with updates like Penguin, Hummingbird and RankBrain, the latest. As we have moved to 2017, we can see the shift in the SEO trends in 2017 according to Google’s latest updates.
Yahoo and Facebook have their own algorithms and modifications are set for competing against Google. But what does this mean to you?
Being a person want to get your page rank higher, it means additional updates in the coming years. As per the current development, the following SEO trends and techniques are expected to do well, and you might have to change your current website. Just go through this and start growing:

 Latest SEO Trends in 2017
  1. Voice Search – All Set to Rule
Microsoft has confirmed that it has made the intelligent personal assistant, Cortana with more human-like features.
Apple’s Siri is also not far behind. Therefore, all these searches now are expected to work more like a conversation pattern.
So, now your page won’t be searched as “best South Indian food”. It may change to ‘best Idli Sambhar’ – a more specific one. In short, with the latest SEO trends in 2017, the keywords will become more informal.
  1. AMP – The New Favorite
The majority of internet users utilizes search engines through mobile phones. Google already knows this and other search engines also realize that.
Therefore, websites that have moved over to AMP (Asynchronous Messaging Protocol) are already getting popularity in the Google index.
Web sites with over 8-10 seconds loading time will get the smallest amount of traffic and get highest bounce rate. Whereas, websites with the loading time of 2-3 seconds, get more visitors.
Using AMP, the Google wants to turn out ‘content-first’ as the most important criterion for SEO trends in 2017.
  1. Longer and Quality Content – The Key to Success
Till today, the search engines have used the information factor for indexing the websites. Though, people have become more eager with the “epic content.”
Keeping things intense and posting the video in its place is expected to trend in the year 2017.
Visuals will enhance the UX (User Experience) and details collection capabilities of any person. Google has certainly noticed that and made the necessary modifications which will change the SEO trends in 2017.
  1. Secured Sites Will Have an Edge
The latest announcement from Google states that the HTTPs mark will help the website in a higher ranking and will get greater importance over the ones that don’t have that.
According to Google, people feel safer when seeing HTTPs besides any domain name, so it’s important to include this during SEO trends in 2017.
Your website may have outstanding content with the required technicalities, but without HTTPs, you won’t be able to stay for long. Therefore, move your website to a secured domain to boost the SERP rankings.
  1. Social Content – The New Emerging SEO Trends in 2017
While searching for a business in Google, you will get its Google Plus, Twitter, or Facebook page first in the search. It shows an increasing trend for users preferring the social content over the content uploaded on the company website.
Surely, this is among the emerging SEO trends in 2017 as well as in the years to come. So, concentrating on the social posts together with SEO factors of your website will certainly improve the chances of leading the charts!
  1. Machine Learning Integration – Will Open Door to Success
Using RankBrain, the Google has created the way to combine machine learning and webpage indexing. This new algorithm can recognize the new words and take the guess about the meaning of search pages.
Therefore, although your web page is not having the word which the users have searched for, there are chances of getting them to land on your website.
Anticipate Google as well as others to use more such updates that are expected to change how the SEO trends in 2017 are framed.


You can say that all the SEO trends in 2017 are still at the primary stage and the things might not work out as expected. However, changes are taking place with improved technology and new search patterns and they are expected to happen more rapidly.
You need to be knowledgeable and remain rational. Because in the end, the game of SEO is about leading the competition!
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