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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

What Are the Best Practices for Local SEO?

What Are the Best Practices for Local SEO?

Have you wondered how could you get your business website to appear on the Google’s first page, together with a map displaying your business location to your future customers? It’s possible with local SEO techniques.
Using local SEO techniques, you can display your business to your prospects when they want it. Though, because of the latest updates of Google algorithms, local SEO has become hard to deal with. This blog shows best local SEO tips to provide your business with the best rankings on Google’s first page in the local results. Let’s go through the local SEO checklist:

Importance of a Google+ Local Page
Google doesn’t extract business details from the websites. Google uses Google+ Local pages to show your business listings! Creating a Google+ Local page is completely free and very easy to do however, you can create a single page only for every location. Creation of duplicate local pages is prohibited in Google’s Terms of Services and doing so will hurt the rankings badly.
Also, your page needs to use appropriate categories. More categories provide you better results. Choosing irrelevant categories are also against the Google’s Terms of Services.

Page Titles – A Perfect Place to Add Geographic Keywords and Services
Page titles are particularly important for the homepage however, it is the finest practice for the web pages. These title tags work like chapter names of the book. They notify Google about the content given in the page. The homepage title tags are like your book’s cover. You need to be enticing, accurate, and describe Google what your website holds. With local SEO, providing both the services and geographic keywords for the title tags, allows Google to identify that your website is appropriate for the people who want particular services in the local area.

Make the NAP Details Universal and Consistent
NAP means Name, Address, & Phone number. It is an abbreviation for most important details when comes to local SEO optimization. Google provides the most precise and reliable information to the users. So, before displaying the details, Google algorithms cross-check the NAP details on the whole World Wide Web including your Google+ page. To have consistent NAP details, it’s recommend searching the business name in any professional local search tool.

Create Pages for Many Locations and Services
If you offer multiple services in various locations, ensure that you make individual web pages for all. Although, this may look terminated, the step is important for local SEO strategy. You just can’t optimize same pages for different cities and expect that to do well in all the locations. Ensure that all the pages are completely exclusive and target all the main keyword phrases.

Use Schema to Good Effect
Schema is the HTML code type, which tells Google about the website. When the humans read any particular page, they naturally understand certain things regarding the page like exactly to discuss. However, the search engines have a limited understanding. The Schema links that gap through adding explanations which are machine-understandable. A lot of webmasters aren’t using this valued tool, therefore it’s a great chance to get the jump start against your competitors.

Customer Reviews Play a Very Important Role in Google+ Local
Getting customers’ reviews is among the toughest tasks which smaller business owners deal with. The main points of success are to ask and to make that as simple as possible for the customers, giving online reviews. When things become easier for the customers, it will improve the local rankings as well as create a bigger barrier for the competitors.

Your Website Should Be Mobile-Optimized
Gradually, customers are turning towards mobile phones as well as other devices while searching for the services or products. It becomes true for the people that are searching for the local companies, meaning that your website must be mobile-friendly to fight in all the local searches.
In a nutshell, if your website isn’t mobile-optimized, the rankings will hurt severely in the Google search promoted on the mobile device that is about 50% of the searches today!

Provide Best Quality Content
The significance of the best quality content is nothing new for the SEO. Nevertheless, until of late, it wasn’t among the big local SEO factors for local rankings. But now, if you don’t create unique, informative and well-written web pages, providing minimum 500 words content on every page, your business won’t come in the search results when the potential customers search for you.

High-Quality Link Building to Your Website
Link building is a part of SEO however it’s a completely new local SEO factor in local SEO. Your online reputation or domain authority are now important local SEO factors in the local Google search rankings. Among the biggest aspects in the domain authority include the quality and quantity of applicable links from the other websites. When you get more high-quality back links, your website’s domain authority will rise and your local search rankings will improve.

Higher Social Media Activities Will Improve the Local SEO Google Rankings
How much impact the social media has on the local SEO is a hot subject of debate. Social media is a great way of generating buzz and getting exposure for the business. The exposure can result in additional referral traffic, additional high-quality links, additional reviews, and more online comments about the business that are all indicators, which can improve the local SEO Google rankings.

Do you know any other local search ranking factors 2017? Please comment below.

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